Year : 2018

Print : Giclée print Ultrachrome on dibond mounted with plexiglass

60 x 40 cm, ed. 8 + 2 AP
120 x 80 cm, ed. 6 + 2 AP

Courtesy ZERP Galerie

This photo has been nominated by a Jury to win the International Photography Competition, Morepixx. When I posted this on Facebook, I received a lot of responds from people all over the world. I felt it was necessary to explain people what this photo stands for, and so I wrote this text on Facebook;

Shocked? What does that say about you?

Every year there are many photo competitions where I can send my work as a photographer. Some of my work is not suitable for every competition. Many competitions want to maintain a certain political, religious or sexual neutrality.

This year my image has been nominated by a jury to win the International Gay Fetish Photo Competition of Morepixx. For this competition I submitted an image I made about how I sometimes feel. When I send it to people to tell about this nomination unfortunately I got quite some negative reactions.

Hence a short explanation of the image.
When people use words like “that’s gay”, “flicker”, “fag” or similar words (whether or not as a joke), I feel chained up in a dark corner.

Such words penetrate me profoundly, like a knife which is slowly pushed into your flesh. Chained by someone who uses words to make a joke of your being, destroying your right to exist and to deprive you of your humanity.

Yes, every word and joke hurts. There is is a high suicidal rate among lgbt children, often caused by the lack of acceptance of who they are. The many denigrating comments thrown around on the streets, pushes them in a closet over and over again.

My work is mostly about how I feel, but people are often not aware of that. These days we see so many images, that we usually look fast and superficially. If you look to this image in that way, you will see no more than a fetish image of a captivated boy.

But look again, the image represents a feeling I often have. If a viewer is shocked by my image, they are actually shocked by my feeling. A feeling that our society has forced upon me almost on a daily base, from an early age on.

My work is meant as art and one may interpret it any way one wants. Everyone ultimately sees something different in it, based on their frame of reference.

 I just hope you understand my work and of course want to vote for my photo.

You can see my photo via Morepixx

I don’t have to tell you that the photos for an international fetish photo contest are not the standard photos. But look at them, it does give you the chance to take a (unique) look into the gay-fetish world.